Luang Namtha

Luang Namtha is the largest settlement in northwest Laos, north of Luang Prabang. It is a very popular tourist destination and a base for treks and biking to surrounding hill tribe villages. In the wet season Luang Namhta is even accessible by boat from the Mekong River, which makes it a wonderful entry.

Many cultural and traditional festivals take place in Luang Namtha, most of them are held in December and January and they really brighten up Luang Namtha. It is highly recommended to attend one if you are in the opportunity.

Many of the local restaurants offer a wide variety of Lao, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Western food and nowadays there are about 133 restaurants so plenty to choose from.

Some offer great local dishes like Kao Soi (soft rice noodle soup). A great experience is also the local (night) market for bitter bamboo shoot soup and rattan dipping sauce, all daily fresh produced. Going around in a small place like Luang Namtha is very easy as most of it is at a walk able distance. Bicycles are very popular as well or you can easily take a local tuk tuk from the central morning market.

Luang Namtha is most popular for activities such as trekking’s, forest camp’s, homestays, hiking, kayaking, rafting, biking, mountain biking and boat tours and our partner is the only operator in Luang Namtha that has built exclusive Forest Retreats in the jungle. They work closely with the local minority tribes to build the retreats in the style of their traditional buildings.

One of the most beautiful stretches of river in Luang Namtha is the confluence of the Nam Ha and Nam Tha rivers. Our partner is the only agency to have the rights to stop and stay at the confluence on the rivers edge, on the edge of the National Protected Area.

By booking your trip you help us directly supporting the local communities and environment in Northern Laos as we work mainly with local people. We hire English-speaking guides from the Luang Namtha area, we hire assistant guides from local villages and we pay villagers close to the National Protected Area to make and maintain our trails. Also these villagers are hired to build and maintain our exclusive jungle retreats. In the case of homestays, the minority people are compensated generously. At the same time, we try to teach the people in these remote villages as much as we can about the environment and the importance of protecting the forest and its animals.

All of our treks and kayak trips take place inside the Nam Ha National Protected Area. With the park fees and taxes, that are included in the tour price, we help the local government protect and maintain the beautiful forest in the Nam Ha NPA.

We at Get Up And Go highly support this and we are proud to be able to be a part of these initiatives to try and support local people and to try and protect this beautiful area with pristine rainforest. Please, contact us for further information so we can try to optimize your stay and turn it into an unforgettable lifetime memory!


Destinations: Luang Namtha
Duration: 1 Day
Trek through a beautiful area of primary forest, with abundant bird life, inside the stunning Nam Ha National Protected Area.
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